Breast Imaging


A Mammogram is an x-ray test for detection of breast tumors that cannot be felt by self breast examination.

A screening mammogram is for women who have no symptoms of breast cancer.

Diagnostic mammograms are ordered for women having signs of breast cancer or lumps. Signs may include changes in breast shape or size, nipple discharge, pain or skin thickening. These signs may be benign in nature. Diagnostic mammograms will be prescribed for the evaluation of changes found during a screening mammogram.

A mammogram can also be used to locate an area of suspicious breast tissue that can be removed for biopsy if abnormalities are found.

Mammogram Preparations

Please notify our staff if you are pregnant or if you may be pregnant

On the day of your exam do not apply underarm deodorant or powder from the waist to the neck

If you must use powder or deodorant, please let us know before the exam so that we may provide you with wipes to remove it

Please try to wear a two-piece outfit for your ease of changing
and comfort

Please bring films or CD and reports of previous examinations

If you have any questions about your examination or instructions for your preparation, please call us

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